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Stitch's Business to Business.

  • We provide clothes alterations Little Chute, WI location.
  • We are the largest volume tailor in Wisconsin, serving individuals and large retail clothing stores with equal enthusiasm for over 20 years!

Services Provided to Other Businesses.

Tailoring services for retail clothing stores and dry cleaners.

We currently service many large retail clothing stores in South and Northeastern Wisconsin, and as far West as Madison.  Our specialty is high volume, quality work in a four to five day turn around.  Our trucks are probably already driving past your location two times a week.  Why not become another one of our satisfied customers?  Each year our retail customer list grows as more clothing retailers see the economic and trouble-free alternative we provide to doing your alterations work in-house. Out-sourcing this work will make your operating costs lower yet continue to allow you to capture the economic benefit of offering clothes alterations services at your location.  You get a guaranteed monthly profit without the uncertainty that goes with doing the work yourself.  Contact us to go over the details of how this can work for your operation.

Other services

Other services we provide to businesses include; adding or removing company patches in high volumes to shirts, pants, jackets, etc., finishing work on advertising displays, repair of  covering materials (boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, etc.).  Any situation that requires sewing is where we can help. 

How to Get Started

If you live in the Appleton, WI area, stop by our Little Chute store.  We will assist you with  your alterations needs. Otherwise, contact us by e:mail. We will complete all of your alterations and repairs in our Little Chute location no matter where you may be sending things from.  Experience the service we have been providing in Wisconsin for over 20 years!